Body Positive Personal Trainer, Natalie Carey

Hello!!! I’m Natalie

I am focused on igniting confidence and self worth into every person I meet and train with.  Recognizing what our bodies are capable of goes beyond numbers and measurements.  Together we will not just get you to your fitness goal, but we will make you feel stronger inside and out. 

I specialize in beginner to intermediate fitness, including those with injuries or unique circumstances.  My approach is geared towards making you feel welcome and comfortable in the gym, while pushing you to try exercises, equipment, and programs that might be new to you.  Whether you love spinning and bootcamp classes, or have never picked up a weight before, you can expect workouts designed specifically for your body, goals, and abilities.  Everyone is welcome.

I grew up as a classically trained ballerina.  I loved dancing, but I hated my body, and my struggle with anxiety left me feeling constantly defeated. When I began working as a personal trainer, I realized I wasn't alone in this struggle.  Every day, I heard a new story of how negative body image held someone back from being their greatest self and leading their best life.

In 2017, I wrote and published my first book Every. Body. Beautiful. down-to-earth guide to appreciating your body, a series of actions you can take to feel great about yourself, and a collection of stories from my own decades long battle for positive body image.

Through sharing my own battles with body image, I’ve found that I’m better able to serve others who are up against similar struggles. I can help you change your body if that's what you're after, and in addition, after participating in my programs, you’ll discover strength and positivity you didn't know you had.



My Youtube Channel offers workout videos for beginners & people who have little to no experience exercising, as well as my opinion pieces on body image and female empowerment.

I encourage you to comment, and reach out to me, because if you want to know something, there are probably a lot of other people wondering about the same thing!