The Book:  Every. Body. Beautiful.

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Too many women look in the mirror and don’t like what they see.  We have been taught that there is a specific standard of beauty, and if we don’t measure up to it, we are valued less.  It is time to stand up and recognize that our worth should not be based on achieving the impossible standard of having a perfect body. 

Every. Body. Beautiful. is a down-to-earth guide to appreciating your body, a series of actions you can take to feel great about yourself, and a collection of stories from the author about her decades long battle for positive body image. 

If you keep trying and failing to look a certain way, if you want to live a healthy and positive lifestyle, and if you want to know how it’s possible for all of us to be beautiful, start reading.

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    Popsugar named  Every. Body. Beautiful . as a 2017 "Must Have"

    Popsugar named Every. Body. Beautiful. as a 2017 "Must Have"