I Protest in the Name of Plus Size Workout Clothes!

I noticed recently that the fitness clothing companies I shop at don't carry clothes in sizes bigger than 12 for women.  And then after doing some research, I realized that most fit apparel companies don't carry plus sizes, and it's even more rare to see a plus size fitness model posing in spandex and sports bras.  So what, big girls don't have the right to cute active wear?  I protest!  I protest in the name of women of all body types having access to quality clothes to exercise in!  If you'd rather watch this in video form, click here .

How stupid is it that most fitness apparel companies don't make clothing in bigger sizes?  Totally stupid.  The latest numbers (as of Fall 2017) show that 40% of American adults are obese, which is almost HALF of our country!  So half of our country doesn't have access to fitness clothes that provide proper coverage (aka no see through butt fabric) and actually fit them (stores carry larger than a size 12).  I don't care what size or shape you are, or if you are healthy or skinny or fat or whatever, I just love movement and I believe everyone should be able to enjoy moving their bodies too.  But what kind of message are the fit clothing companies sending to larger bodied peeps when they don't make clothes for them? 


That message.  That's the message that's being sent out to 40% of Americans.  That's lame.

So here's what I did about it:


I posted a call out to my  Instagram audience asking for recommendations on companies that made fitness wear in larger sizes AND featured models in a diverse range of body shapes.  I got about 20 recommendations, but sadly, most of the companies didn't actually meet the criteria when I checked them out.  The 4 that did however, are listed below, and are kick ass:


Girlfriend Collective:

  • 25 Recycled Water Bottles in every pair of leggings

  • Models of all shapes/colors

  • Sizes XXS-3XL

Girlfriend Collective Website 


  • Made for Real Women who lead Real Lives

  • Sizes up to 3X

  • They support drinking wine! Hooray! We are best friends

Marika Clothing Website

Grrrl Clothing:

  • Anti-photo shopping

  • Their mission is to unite all women

  • Chest size up to 59.5 inches, Hips size up to 58 inches


Target Style in association with JoyLab

  • Endorsed by the amazing Jessamyn Stanley

  • Very affordable

  • Up to size 4X

Target JoyLab Website

Rock on to these 4 companies!  Let's support them, because not only are they leading by example, but their clothes are flattering and get great customer reviews.  If you have more recommendations, hit me up!