Don't You Let Anyone Tell You to Cover Yourself Like That

Amy Bond shares stories of how she was raised to have high self esteem, and talks about why more women don't have positive body image. 

“I thought I should wait to take my clothes off until I knew you all better”, was the first thing Amy Bond ever said to me.  We were performing together at a student dance showcase, and she had altered what was originally a burlesque routine to suit our PG-rated audience. 

Holy shit this woman is confident, I thought to myself.  I loved her immediately. 

Fast forward nearly four years later, and I’m interviewing Amy about how women view their bodies, how they feel about themselves, and how she’s working towards improving confidence in others.  Since meeting her, she’s taken over as the director of San Francisco Pole and Dance.

Speaking about women and how we look at ourselves she says “We’re taught from a very early age that our social capital comes from how we look instead of our thoughts and minds and how we contribute to the world.”  I recently wrote about this in my book Every. Body. Beautiful., because I also believe that women have been taught that we are worth less if we don’t measure up to a specific standard of beauty.  We are consistently shown that females will be rewarded if they look attractive, but won’t be necessarily approved of for achievements of our minds and actions. 

Amy works really hard at encouraging her dance students to feel great about their bodies, which is the opposite of what a lot of the world is putting out there.  “There’s a lot of industries that make a lot of money making women feel ashamed about their bodies.” 

Check out the entire interview in my video here:



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