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Why I Wish Wonder Woman Had Been Black

I had a lady date to see Wonder Woman last night, and I loved every minute of it.  But while watching the movie I kept thinking to myself, I wish Wonder Woman looked more like Serena Williams.  I felt like any person who was strong enough to ward off bullets with her forearms, jump to the top floor of buildings, and punch through walls, should at least have some muscle mass, and let’s be real,  Gal Gadot ain’t doing any powerlifting. 

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Bikini Body by Burritos; My Dare to Bare Experience

I can’t think of a single vacation, trip, performance, or event since I was 15 that I hadn’t felt the pressure to lose weight beforehand.  There have been so many instances where I told myself I needed to get “Bikini Ready” so that I could fully enjoy the experience I was planning on having.  The focus is often on how we think we should look to impress other people. Finally, I was participating in an event that not only didn’t ask me to look perfect, but actually encouraged me to be comfortable baring it all with the body I have.

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