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Why I Wish Wonder Woman Had Been Black

I had a lady date to see Wonder Woman last night, and I loved every minute of it.  But while watching the movie I kept thinking to myself, I wish Wonder Woman looked more like Serena Williams.  I felt like any person who was strong enough to ward off bullets with her forearms, jump to the top floor of buildings, and punch through walls, should at least have some muscle mass, and let’s be real,  Gal Gadot ain’t doing any powerlifting. 

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I Got 99 Problems but a Shirt Ain't One

I suddenly had a flash of all the events that I didn’t take pictures at, because I was in my bathing suit, and I didn’t want a picture of myself; so many days and great moments and memories to be grateful for that I have no documentation of because I was so worried what people would think if they saw me in my bikini.

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