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Self Conscious at Barry's Bootcamp

I feel like people must think I’m doing a lame workout, or that I could go harder or faster, or wondering why I always seem to be doing the same exercises over and over.  The other people in the gym may or may not actually think this about me, because most of those judgements are in my head.  But it does make me self-conscious at times.  I’m judging myself based on standards I either hold myself to, or standards I think others believe in. 

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Bikini Body by Burritos; My Dare to Bare Experience

I can’t think of a single vacation, trip, performance, or event since I was 15 that I hadn’t felt the pressure to lose weight beforehand.  There have been so many instances where I told myself I needed to get “Bikini Ready” so that I could fully enjoy the experience I was planning on having.  The focus is often on how we think we should look to impress other people. Finally, I was participating in an event that not only didn’t ask me to look perfect, but actually encouraged me to be comfortable baring it all with the body I have.

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