“If you’re not using fitness to change how people look, then what are you using it for?” is a question I received recently. There’s a difference between Fitness and “Shapeness”, and while both are goals that will require you to push yourself, it’s important to understand which one you’re working towards.

Shapeness means your goal is to change your physical appearance. Getting more toned, fitting into your skinny jeans, achieving the 6 pack, these are all Shapeness goals. A lot of Fitness Pro’s who have achieved these goals (myself included) will testify that reaching them usually involves less behavior that is about being healthy and fit, and more about following a strict set of rules to get there.

Fitness on the other hand, is going to look different on every body. Fitness goals are things like squatting your body weight, running a 5k, living without pain, getting stronger. You can achieve these goals at any size, in any body, and you can do it your own way.

So what do I use fitness for, if I’m not using it to change how people look? I’m using fitness because it feels amazing to be able to move and use your body. Because I want people to live without daily chronic pain. Because realizing that you can connect with and understand what the heck this miraculous body of yours is doing and can do is a trip. Because strength can give you confidence. Because life is long and this body is in it for the entire haul.

What do YOU want to use Fitness for?